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500d Pop-up marquees for sale

Portland Pop-up Marquees For Sale

Smaller marquees that can be erected in a matter of minutes

Our Pop-up range of Portland Marquees are the strongest pop-up style of marquee we can offer, they have a 58mm hexagon aluminium framework and 500d polyester roof and sides but still only take minutes to erect.

Here are a list of features which we believe make our Pop-up Portland Marquees the best in their class available in the market today:


The following table shows the available sizes in our Pop-up range of marquees. Size guides can vary greatly, this is due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used.

Larger areas or awkward shapes can be covered by connecting several marquees together.

Size of marquee (width first) Capacity Seated Capacity Standing Price (Including Delivery)
3x3m Portland Pop-up 4-8 4-12 £384.00
4x4m Portland Pop-up 12-20 15-30 £534.00