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Premier demi 500gsm PVC marquees for sale

Portland Premier Demi Marquees For Sale

Lean-to marquees designed to butt-up to buidlings

Our Premier Demi range of Portland Marquees are ideal for butting-up against structures such as houses or mobile toilet units.

Our Premier Demi range shares all of the features of our UPremier range but is designed to butt-up against structres.


The following table shows the available sizes in our Premier range of marquees. Size guides can vary greatly, this is due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used. For example a 6x12m marquee can seat 70-80 people at round tables but if you allow for buffet tables and/or a dance floor then the capacity is reduced.

Larger areas or awkward shapes can be covered by connecting several marquees together.

Click here to purchase spare parts for the portland Ultimate marquee range.

Size of marquee (width first) Capacity seated Capacity Standing Price (Including Delivery)
3x2m Premier Demi Marquee 4-8 4-12 £336
3x4m Premier Demi Marquee 6-12 9-18 £461
3x6m Premier Demi Marquee 12-20 15-30 £598
3x8m Premier Demi Marquee 12-20 15-30 £711
3x10m Premier Demi Marquee 15-30 20-45 £836
3x12m Premier Demi Marquee 18-40 27-60 £961
3x14m Premier Demi Marquee 21-50 35-75 £1,092