Choosing the right marquee size for you

How to tell which size of marquee is right for you:

Measure your garden. If space is limited your guest list may be restricted by the maximum size of marquee able to fit in the space.

If your garden is an awkward size then consider using more than one marquee connected together to cover the space. Multiple marquees can take a little more thought in planning a successful party but please contact us, we’re marquee specialists and are here to help.

If you need help in picturing the layout of a marquee then check out our interactive marquee planner and experiment with different layouts

*Please note the following table assumes the marquee contains tables only.

Size of marquee/party tent (width first)Capacity seatedCapacity standingPrices (Including Delivery)
3m x 2m Marquee4-84-12£343.20 – £480.00
3m x 3m Marquee6-107-15£540.00
3m x 4m Marquee6-129-18£504.00 – £780.00
3m x 5m Marquee9-1812-24£720.00
3m x 6m Marquee12-2015-30£562.80 – £1080.00
3m x 8m Marquee12-2418-35£681.60 – £1380.00
3m x 10m Marquee15-3020-45£932.40 – £1680.00
3m x 12m Marquee18-4027-60£1075.20 – £2280.00
3m x 14m Marquee21-4435-75£1560.00 – £2280.00
3m x 16m Marquee24-5034-75£1740.00 – £1980.00
3m x 18m Marquee30-6035-85£1920.00 – £2160.00
3m x 20m Marquee35-6535-95£2100.00 – £2340.00
3m x 22m Marquee40-7040-75£2250.00 – £2520.00
3m x 24m Marquee40-7540-100£2400.00 – £2700.00
4m x 4m Marquee8-1510-22£570.00 – £1040.40
4m x 5m Marquee10-2014-29£1020.00
4m x 6m Marquee12-2418-35£718.80 – £1342.80
4m x 7m Marquee12-2718-40£1260.00
4m x 8m Marquee12-3018-45£885.60 – £1627.20
4m x 9m Marquee14-3318-50£1506.00
4m x 10m Marquee15-3518-55£1040.40 – £1929.60
4m x 12m Marquee20-4825-70£852.00 – £2520.00
4m x 14m Marquee25-5025-75£1800.00 – £2760.00
4m x 16m Marquee30-5530-75£1980.00 – £3000.00
4m x 18m Marquee30-6030-75£2160.00 – £3300.00
4m x 20m Marquee30-6530-90£2340.00 – £3600.00
4m x 22m Marquee40-7040-95£2520.00 – £3240.00
4m x 24m Marquee40-8040-105£2700.00 – £3480.00
6m x 4m Marquee12-2418-35£810.00 – £1518.00
6m x 5m Marquee13-3220-48£1224.00
6m x 6m Marquee15-4020-60£798.00 – £1758.00
6m x 7m Marquee17-4525-68£1464.00
6m x 8m Marquee20-5030-75£1106.40 – £2124.00
6m x 9m Marquee25-5835-88£1704.00
6m x 10m Marquee30-6540-95£1309.20 – £2502.00
6m x 11m Marquee30-7040-110£1944.00
6m x 12m Marquee30-8040-120£1440.00 – £2868.00
6m x 14m Marquee30-10060-140£1684.80 – £3222.00
6m x 16m Marquee40-11070-160£1869.60 – £3456.00
6m x 18m Marquee40-12070-180£2084.40 – £3834.00
6m x 20m Marquee50-13080-200£2311.20 – £4224.00
6m x 24m Marquee60-16080-240£2716.80 – £4956.00
6m x 26m Marquee80-180110-260£4080.00 – £5640.00
6m x 28m Marquee60-200120-280£4320.00 – £6000.00
6m x 30m Marquee70-210130-300£4560.00 – £6360.00
6m x 32m Marquee80-220140-320£4800.00 – £6660.00
6m x 34m Marquee80-230140-340£5040.00 – £6960.00
6m x 36m Marquee80-240140-360£5340.00 – £7320.00
9m x 9m Marquee30-10080-200£1680.00
9m x 13.5m Marquee30-12080-250£2400.00
9m x 18m Luxury Traditional Marquee60-200120-280£3240.00
9m x 18m Ultimate Traditional Marquee60-200120-280£4440.00