Marquee bungee loops (large)


Replacement large bungee loops for Portland marquees.

Price is for a pack of 20, please select the number of packs you require

Approximately 16cm long (including ball toggle)

Made from thick 4mm bungee cord and ridged ball toggle.

In Stock


Premier marquees (38/42mm frame)

Size of MarqueeNumber of bungees neededNumber of packs
3x4m72 Long/12 Small4 Long/1 Small
3x6m96 Long/12 Small5 Long/1 Small
3x8m120 Long/12 Small6 Long/1 Small
3x10m144 Long/12 Small8 Long/1 Small
3x12m168 Long/12 Small9 Long/1 Small
4x4m114 Long/20 Small6 Long/1 Small
4x6m158 Long/20 Small8 Long/1 Small
4x8m202 Long/20 Small11 Long/1 Small
4x10m246 Long/20 Small13 Long/1 Small
4x12m270 Long/20 Small14 Long/2 Small
6x4m220 Long/32 Small11 Long/2 Small
6x6m246 Long/32 Small13 Long/2 Small
6x8m271 Long/32 Small14 Long/2 Small
6x10m296 Long/32 Small15 Long/2 Small
6x12m320 Long/32 Small16 Long/2 Small
6x14m346 Long/32 Small18 Long/2 Small
6x16m371 Long/32 Small19 Long/2 Small
6x18m396 Long/32 Small20 Long/2 Small
6x20m420 Long/32 Small21 Long/2 Small
6x24m471 Long/32 Small24 Long/2 Small

Ultimate Marquees (50/54mm frame)

Size of MarqueeNumber of bungees neededNumber of packs
6x4m227 Long/32 Small12 Long/2 Small
6x6m257 Long/32 Small13 Long/2 Small
6x8m287 Long/32 Small15 Long/2 Small
6x10m317 Long/32 Small16 Long/2 Small
6x12m347 Long/32 Small18 Long/2 Small
6x14m377 Long/32 Small19 Long/2 Small
6x16m407 Long/32 Small21 Long/2 Small
6x18m437 Long/32 Small22 Long/2 Small
6x20m467 Long/32 Small24 Long/2 Small
6x24m527 Long/32 Small27 Long/2 Small

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Bungee chord / plastic