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2m end panels are more wind-resistant

Enhancing Marquee End Panels for Wind Resistance

Strong winds pose a challenge for the end panels of a marquee, and the choice of panel configuration plays a crucial role in withstanding these forces.

When a single large end panel is used, all the force generated by strong winds is concentrated on the eyelets around the edge. Furthermore, a single large panel tends to have more slack, allowing it to billow in and out excessively.

In practical terms, this can lead to premature wear and tear on the end panels, not living up to the expected durability.

A more effective approach involves using multiple panels to cover the end of the marquee. This distribution of wind forces makes individual end panels more resilient and wind-resistant. Additionally, the use of smaller panels results in reduced billowing compared to a single large panel.

It’s noteworthy that smaller end panels are incorporated throughout our commercial, professional, and deluxe marquee ranges, ensuring improved performance in challenging weather conditions.

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