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6m x 4m marquees VS 4m x 6m Marquees

6x4m marquees vs 4x6m marquees
6x4m marquees vs 4x6m marquees

In the realm of marquees, the initial specification typically revolves around the width of the structure. For instance, a marquee measuring 6 meters in width and 12 meters in length would be denoted as 6x12m.

However, there exists a common source of confusion between 4x6m and 6x4m marquees. The key distinction lies in the width of the A-frame, as illustrated in the diagram. A marquee employing 4m wide A-frames with a length of three 2m bays is labelled as 4x6m (depicted on the left in the diagram). Conversely, a marquee utilizing 6m wide A-frames and spanning two 2m bays is referred to as 6x4m (shown on the right in the diagram).

While the 4x6m model tends to be the more popular and cost-effective choice for this size, the 6x4m variant may be more suitable in certain scenarios. For instance, when butting up to a house it is advisable to use a 6x4m marquee if the area is only 4m deep and 6m wide. This ensures that the flat gable aligns with a house for weathering purposes, allowing water to run off to the side without any rail obstruction to door openings within the marquee.

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