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What size marquee do you need for 50 guests?

The first thing to do is Measure your garden. If space is limited your guest list may be restricted by the maximum size of marquee able to fit in the space.

Once you have measured your garden you then need to work out if your guests will be seated or standing or a mixture of both.

Marquee seated capacity is calculated by using 5ft 6in round tables as is common in the marquee hire industry. This is the most efficient way to seat your guests to maximise space. Each 3x3m section of the marquee can fit 10 people at a 5ft 6in round table.

Standing capacity is calculated at 1.5X the seated capacity giving guests just under 1m square for dancing and space to move around.

It is also important to take into account buffet tables, dance floors, DJ or band areas as more space will be required for these. Buffet tables are usually 6ft trestle tables and don’t take up much room so an extra 2m at the end or side of the marquee is plenty. Bands and DJ’s take up roughly a 6m x 2m space to allow for all of their equipment and members.

Dance floors can come in various sizes but usually tables and chairs would be placed on the dance floor when guests are eating and then moved to the side of the marquee once the music starts in the evening.

Therefore, the best size marquee for 50 guests would be a 6x8m / 6x10m without allowing for extras. If you are having buffet tables or music, consider going up to a 6x12m / 6x14m marquee.

Below is a rough guide for marquee capacities and sizes. Hope this helps.

Size of marquee/party tent (width first)Capacity seatedCapacity standingPrices (Including Delivery)
3m x 2m Marquee4-84-12£343.20 – £480.00
3m x 3m Marquee6-107-15£540.00
3m x 4m Marquee6-129-18£504.00 – £780.00
3m x 5m Marquee9-1812-24£720.00
3m x 6m Marquee12-2015-30£562.80 – £1080.00
3m x 8m Marquee12-2418-35£681.60 – £1380.00
3m x 10m Marquee15-3020-45£932.40 – £1680.00
3m x 12m Marquee18-4027-60£1075.20 – £2280.00
3m x 14m Marquee21-4435-75£1560.00 – £2280.00
3m x 16m Marquee24-5034-75£1740.00 – £1980.00
3m x 18m Marquee30-6035-85£1920.00 – £2160.00
3m x 20m Marquee35-6535-95£2100.00 – £2340.00
3m x 22m Marquee40-7040-75£2250.00 – £2520.00
3m x 24m Marquee40-7540-100£2400.00 – £2700.00
4m x 4m Marquee8-1510-22£570.00 – £1040.40
4m x 5m Marquee10-2014-29£1020.00
4m x 6m Marquee12-2418-35£718.80 – £1342.80
4m x 7m Marquee12-2718-40£1260.00
4m x 8m Marquee12-3018-45£885.60 – £1627.20
4m x 9m Marquee14-3318-50£1506.00
4m x 10m Marquee15-3518-55£1040.40 – £1929.60
4m x 12m Marquee20-4825-70£852.00 – £2520.00
4m x 14m Marquee25-5025-75£1800.00 – £2760.00
4m x 16m Marquee30-5530-75£1980.00 – £3000.00
4m x 18m Marquee30-6030-75£2160.00 – £3300.00
4m x 20m Marquee30-6530-90£2340.00 – £3600.00
4m x 22m Marquee40-7040-95£2520.00 – £3240.00
4m x 24m Marquee40-8040-105£2700.00 – £3480.00
6m x 4m Marquee12-2418-35£810.00 – £1518.00
6m x 5m Marquee13-3220-48£1224.00
6m x 6m Marquee15-4020-60£798.00 – £1758.00
6m x 7m Marquee17-4525-68£1464.00
6m x 8m Marquee20-5030-75£1106.40 – £2124.00
6m x 9m Marquee25-5835-88£1704.00
6m x 10m Marquee30-6540-95£1309.20 – £2502.00
6m x 11m Marquee30-7040-110£1944.00
6m x 12m Marquee30-8040-120£1440.00 – £2868.00
6m x 14m Marquee30-10060-140£1684.80 – £3222.00
6m x 16m Marquee40-11070-160£1869.60 – £3456.00
6m x 18m Marquee40-12070-180£2084.40 – £3834.00
6m x 20m Marquee50-13080-200£2311.20 – £4224.00
6m x 24m Marquee60-16080-240£2716.80 – £4956.00
6m x 26m Marquee80-180110-260£4080.00 – £5640.00
6m x 28m Marquee60-200120-280£4320.00 – £6000.00
6m x 30m Marquee70-210130-300£4560.00 – £6360.00
6m x 32m Marquee80-220140-320£4800.00 – £6660.00
6m x 34m Marquee80-230140-340£5040.00 – £6960.00
6m x 36m Marquee80-240140-360£5340.00 – £7320.00
9m x 9m Marquee30-10080-200£1680.00
9m x 13.5m Marquee30-12080-250£2400.00
9m x 18m Luxury Traditional Marquee60-200120-280£3240.00
9m x 18m Ultimate Traditional Marquee60-200120-280£4440.00