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How to maintain your marquee

Maintaining Your Marquee: Tips for Longevity

Stretch in the Bungees: Bungees play a crucial role in handling wind stress, preventing damage to your marquee’s roof and side panels. As they age, they might lose their elasticity and resemble string. Keep an eye on the side exposed to the most wind, as that’s where wear is likely. When replacing bungees, avoid using cable ties, as this can lead to eyelet damage. Find quality replacement bungees here.

Stakes & Straps: After prolonged use or heavy rainfall, it’s wise to inspect your stakes. Ensure they remain firmly anchored in the ground without spinning or being pulled out. Check and tighten the straps to maintain stability.

Water Pooling: Extended marquee setup can result in water pooling on the roof. This may stretch the PVC, causing damage to a vital part of your marquee. Regularly check for water accumulation and address it promptly to preserve your investment.

Cleaning the PVC: For effective PVC cleaning, do it while the marquee is still up. We recommend using TFR (Traffic Film Remover). Apply a diluted mix, use a stiff brush or broom to agitate, then hose off. This simple routine will keep your marquee clean and ready for future use.

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Your marquee’s longevity is our priority, ensuring it stands strong against the elements.