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How long can a marquee stay up for?

How Long Can a Marquee Stay Up?

Many wonder about the duration a marquee can remain in place. Let’s break it down into two aspects: the structure itself and the impact on the ground beneath.

Structure Lifespan: Marquees are designed for temporary use. If you plan to keep one up for an extended period, be cautious. Regularly check for wear and tear, assess bungee strength, prevent water or snow buildup on the roof, and avoid exposing it to extreme weather conditions.

Ground Effects: For marquees set up on grass, there’s a unique consideration. Extended coverage might lead to an unusual smell as groundsheets trap and decompose grass underneath. Interestingly, this odor usually arises when removing the flooring, not during marquee use.

Putting flooring down for a week or two may cause slight grass yellowing, but it recovers. However, extended coverage might lead to grass withering, requiring reseeding.

Choosing ‘breathable’ flooring may seem like a good idea, but it can accumulate condensation and let grass grow through. We steer clear of such products to provide hassle-free solutions.

In simplifying marquee durability, our aim is to ensure a straightforward and enjoyable experience.