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How to secure marquees on hard surfaces

Portland marquees function like robust boxes, making them suitable for setup on hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or paving. However, proper anchoring is crucial to ensure stability. While tie downs are the conventional method, they may not be ideal for hard surfaces. Here are alternative anchoring methods:

  1. Bolting: On certain hard surfaces, bolting the marquee to the ground is an option. The footplates come with pre-existing holes for this purpose. For increased strength, consider drilling eye-bolt fixings 1-2 meters away from the marquee sides and use straps similar to those found in tie-down kits.
  2. Heavy Weights: Strapping heavy weights directly to the marquee is a popular and effective anchoring method on hard surfaces. Various weight options include:
    • Water butts: Light and portable, but avoid long-term use due to the risk of standing water and legionnaires disease. Access to a hose pipe on-site is essential.
    • Concrete blocks or other dense materials: Excellent for stability but can be cumbersome to move.
    • Vehicles: For short-term setups (e.g., exhibitions), marquees can be strapped to vehicles. Ensure a secure attachment that won’t damage the vehicle.

Combining methods is also an option, such as using tie downs to a nearby grass area on one side and heavy weights on another. It’s crucial to note that the metal weights commonly used for gazebos are insufficient for anchoring commercial marquees.

Every site is unique, and the responsibility for adequate anchoring lies with those setting up the marquee. Customized advice for your event is available by contacting us with event details, including the type of event, available space, number of guests, and site diagrams/photographs.

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