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How to choose were to put up your marquee

Not everyone is blessed with the luxury of perfectly manicured bowling green lawns. So, when selecting the ideal spot for your marquee, consider these essential factors:

Terrain Considerations:

  1. While a marquee doesn’t demand absolute flatness, a level surface certainly facilitates the setup. To assess the ground, experiment by placing garden furniture on the intended location.
  2. A gentle slope is manageable, but excessively bumpy and uneven landscapes might pose challenges. Don’t be tempted to improvise with dining tables on a slope, as it can result in chairs at awkward heights.
  3. Avoid waterlogged areas, especially during winter events.
  4. Our marquees are versatile enough to be erected on hard standing or a mix of hard and soft surfaces, as long as there’s not a significant height difference.

Choosing a Garden Location:

  1. Marquees typically come in square or rectangular shapes, so factor this in when planning their placement.
  2. Incorporating flower beds, small trees, or bushes within the marquee can add charm, but be mindful that they will reduce the marquee’s capacity.
  3. During winter, it’s wise to position the marquee close to or connected to the house for convenient access.
  4. Consider having two layout options—one for stormy weather with the marquee near the house, and another for fair weather with the marquee set back.
  5. For a cosy gathering in a vast garden, position the marquee across the garden, creating a small courtyard in front to foster intimacy and prevent the feeling of being lost in a large space.

For personalized event insights, reach out with event details such as type, available space, guest count, and site diagrams or photographs. We’re here to provide tailored advice.

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