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Marquee dance floors

Marquee ivory flat linings
Black and white dance floor

Deciding on Dance Floors for Your Marquee: Exploring Options

The cost of hiring a marquee typically ranges between one-third and half of the purchase price. Consequently, if you anticipate using a marquee more than once, purchasing may prove to be a more economical choice than hiring. However, dance floors and furniture differ in their hire charges, often amounting to around a tenth of the purchase price. Additionally, dance floors are commonly heavier than the marquees they occupy, making hiring a popular and practical solution.

Dance floors come in three common finishes: plain wooden (usually stained plywood), parquet (interlocking wooden blocks), or black & white (square acrylic panels akin to a chessboard).

For those who already own their marquee, here are some considerations:

  1. Hiring a Dance Floor:
    • Economically, hiring is more viable unless you plan to use the dance floor 10 or more times.
    • Most hire companies, whether specialized in furniture or marquees, typically handle the setup and removal of the dance floor, a convenience given their considerable weight.
    • Dance floor boards can occupy more storage space than the marquee itself, making hiring a practical storage solution.
  2. Buying a Dance Floor:
    • Information on reputable dance floor manufacturers, widely used by the marquee hire industry, can be provided upon request. These manufacturers offer durable and reliable dance floors requiring minimal maintenance.
    • It’s advisable to steer clear of cheap plastic interlocking tiles, as they rarely achieve a pleasing aesthetic and may not withstand the rigors that dance floors face. Quality comes at a price, making this the more expensive option.
  3. Making a Dance Floor:
    • Crafting a standard wooden dance floor is a straightforward project. Utilize 18mm plywood with battens securely screwed on the back, and use clips or screws to secure each panel.
    • Staining the plywood with wood stain or painting allows for customization of the finish.
    • Consider cutting large boards in half (e.g., 8×4 down to 8×2) for ease of transport and storage.
    • Costing the project in advance is essential; while buying plywood from a wholesaler is competitive, purchasing a new boarded tent floor may be more economical if buying from retail stores like B & Q.

When planning your event and considering a dance floor for your marquee, we are ready to provide personalized advice. Contact us with event details such as the type of event, available space, number of guests, and site diagrams or photographs, and we will gladly guide you through your options.

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