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How to get power to your marquee

Powering a Marquee: Different Approaches

When it comes to supplying power to a marquee, there are generally three methods to consider:

1. Extension Leads:

  • Check the extension lead’s maximum loading capacity (typically 3KW) to avoid overloading.
  • Tidy up the extension lead by securing excess cable to the eaves rail of the marquee using cable ties.
  • Avoid running extension leads in areas where tripping hazards may occur. Ideally, run them out of the side of the marquee above head height, securing them to a fence or hedge and then down to the house.
  • If using multiple extension leads, plug them into different circuits of the house.
  • If the marquee is a significant distance from an available power source (30m+), consider employing an electrician for a temporary supply or using a generator.
  • Ensure any electrical supply is protected by earth leakage circuit breakers to guard against accidental damage.

2. Temporary Circuits (Electrician Required):

  • Engage a certified electrician registered for Part P.
  • Confirm the power output of the circuit to ensure it meets the marquee’s power requirements, considering caterers, entertainment, bar, and lighting.
  • Specify that the power will terminate with standard 13amp sockets in the marquee.
  • Ask the electrician to run the cable in a suitable location to prevent trip hazards.
  • Like with extension leads, ensure any electricity supply is protected by earth leakage circuit breakers.

3. Generators:

  • Opt for ‘super-silent’ generators for minimal noise disruption.
  • Consult the generator hire company to determine the appropriate size based on your total power requirements.
  • Confirm that the generator hire includes cabling to the marquee with termination in standard 13amp sockets.
  • Position the generator at a convenient distance from the marquee.
  • Have spare fuel (usually diesel) available, and ensure the tank is full before the event starts.
  • As with other power sources, ensure any electricity supply is protected by earth leakage circuit breakers.

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