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Marquee envelope roofs are stronger

Revolutionizing Marquee Design: Embracing the Envelope Style

At the heart of all our DIY Marquee ranges lies the innovative envelope style roof, setting them apart with superior strength and flexibility when compared to the conventional carport style.

The integration of the gable into the roof design not only establishes a fixed angle but also contributes significantly to bolstering the structural integrity of the marquee. This ingenious approach essentially introduces an extra brace at the marquee’s end, enhancing stability through tensioning across each end.

The heightened flexibility is a key attribute, facilitated by the roof dropping down to the same eave height, allowing for the seamless interchangeability of side panels.

Not only does the envelope roof design offer enhanced functionality, but it is also acclaimed for its aesthetic appeal, especially when employed as a roof-only structure. Say goodbye to the unrefined look of a mere “tarpaulin thrown over,” as one of our customers candidly remarked about a carport-style party tent from elsewhere.

Admittedly, the envelope design incurs a slightly higher manufacturing cost, but we firmly believe that the advantages it brings far outweigh the marginal increase in production expenses.

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