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Tips for marquee in windy conditions

Tips for Windy Weather and Marquees:

  1. Secure Anchoring:
    • Ensure the marquee is well anchored down.
    • Tie down kits work well, and additional stakes over groundbars or fixing to buildings enhance stability.
  2. Wind-Resistant Positioning:
    • Marquee sides are more wind-resistant than ends.
    • Wind hitting the end creates more resistance, while the sloped roof on the side allows wind to pass over.
  3. Keep the Sides On:
    • A marquee is more wind-resistant with sides on.
    • Contrary to belief, removing sides doesn’t let wind pass through; it turns the marquee into a large, less stable structure.
    • Leave sides on and position the entrance away from the wind.
  4. Know Wind Limits:
    • Marquees aren’t designed for hurricane-strength winds.
    • Larger structures are generally rated up to 50mph/80kmh.
    • In extremely rare cases, if time is limited, remove all covers (including the roof) and leave the anchored framework.