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How to connect your marquee to a building

Connecting a marquee to a house typically involves two approaches:

Butting the Marquee Directly Up to the House:

  1. Generally feasible when house doors open to the marquee end rather than the side, beneficial for weather resistance and structural considerations.
  2. Ensure a snug fit between the marquee and the house, especially near overhanging guttering.
  3. Leave off the end panels facing the house and position them on either side, filling any gaps between the marquee corners and the house.
  4. This arrangement enhances the event atmosphere by allowing house windows to offer a direct view into the marquee.
  5. For a polished appearance and improved insulation, consider lifting the scalloped edge of the roof facing the house slightly.

Using a Walkway:

  1. Our modular walkways come in 2x2m, 2x4m, or 2x6m structures, but improvising with wood or PVC is also an option.
  2. Keep the walkway as short as possible if the event spans both the house and the marquee to encourage seamless flow between the two spaces.
  3. Consider heating provisions for the walkway if needed.

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