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How to connect marquees using a gutter

Three 6x12m marquees guttered side to side
Three 6x12m marquees guttered side to side

Understanding Marquee Gutters:

In the realm of marquees, gutters take the form of PVC strips adorned with eyelets on each side, typically measuring 30 to 60cm in width. Ensuring the gutter extends at least 1 meter beyond the marquee join is essential, and having additional length proves advantageous in preventing the ground beneath the marquee from succumbing to excessive moisture.

Attempting to extend a gutter by joining two separate pieces is not a straightforward task and requires specialized PVC welding equipment, a capability integral to the production of our marquee gutters.

Affixing guttering to the marquee involves the use of cable ties. It is crucial to avoid the use of bungee loops for guttering, as they may succumb to the weight of water, causing the gutter to sag and potentially leading to calamitous outcomes during your event. If your gutter purchase includes bungee loops, it is advisable to question the expertise and competence of your supplier.

Note: On the flip side, the use of cable ties for connecting exterior PVC components, such as roof and side panels, is discouraged. Bungee loops allow for flexibility in material during strong winds, thereby mitigating strain on the eyelets.

Key Considerations When Installing a Marquee Gutter:

  1. Ensure the gutter is devoid of kinks.
  2. Verify a consistent fall over the marquee’s length, devoid of any dips.
  3. Always conduct a hosepipe test to ascertain proper water flow, ensuring it exits the gutter without pooling.

Steps for Guttering Between Two Marquees:

  1. Raise both marquees, maintaining a 10cm gap between them. Postpone the installation of flooring, lining, or lighting until the marquee join is weatherproof.
  2. Thread the gutter between pairs of legs along the join, allowing an equal overhang at each end.
  3. Initiate cable tying from the middle of one marquee towards the eave rail, drawing the gutter taut towards one side. Progress to the end and replicate for the opposite side before shifting to the second marquee.
  4. For side-by-side marquees, adjust cable tie tension less towards each end on level ground or uniformly on sloped terrain.
  5. Repeat the process for the second marquee, ensuring a taut gutter to prevent kinks.
  6. Validate the installation by directing a hosepipe onto one marquee’s roof, ensuring effective water drainage.

Additional Considerations:

  • For end-to-end marquee arrangements, securely fasten legs together, drape the gutter over the join, and tension it down on both sides to stave off water ingress.
  • When weathering the end of one marquee to the side of another, construct an eave rail with ropes, securing a second rope from the middle to the apex to prevent sagging.
  • Address potential kinks at the gutter’s end by strategic tucking and secure fastening with a rope.
  • With practice, the process of weathering marquees together becomes second nature.

For tailored event advice, connect with us, providing pertinent event details. If you plan to use or quote segments of this article, kindly seek permission or licensing from us.

For personalized event advice, contact us with event details. If you wish to use or quote any part of this article, please seek permission or licensing from us.