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How to heat your marquee

As the seasons shift into spring and summer, heating in marquees is generally needed only to take off the evening chill. However, as autumn and winter set in, ensuring a warm marquee is essential for a successful event. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider:


Use a Heater with a Powerful Fan (Indirect Heaters are Best):

Indirect heaters, with their robust fans, are particularly effective.

Test Heating in Advance:

Test the heating system several days before the event, at the same time of day, to ensure it works efficiently and is adequate for the space.

Start Heating Well Before Guests Arrive in Winter:

In winter, have the heating on for at least an hour before guests arrive. A warm welcome upon arrival sets the tone for the entire function.

Direct Heaters Toward the Entrance:

Aim the heating ducts towards the entrance, creating a welcoming wall of warmth for guests upon entry.

Fit Carbon Monoxide Testers:

Install carbon monoxide testers, placing one for every heater, to ensure safety.


Use Inadequate Heaters:

Avoid halogen heaters, cabinet heaters, or other infra-red heaters without fans, as they may lack the power required for larger marquees.

Place Objects Near Heaters:

Keep anything from being close to or touching a heater, prioritizing safety.

Opt for LPG Blower/Space Heaters:

While blower or space heaters can heat large areas quickly, their use is discouraged due to potential risks:

They require well-ventilated spaces, and sealed marquees can pose a risk of ‘re-burning’ air, leading to carbon monoxide production.

The naked flame inside, protected only by a grill, may not be safe, especially for small children.

Overlook Carbon Monoxide Risks:

Understand the risks associated with certain heaters, especially those involving open flames.

Heating Options:

Ducted Heaters:

Require gas bottles and sit outside the marquee, ducting warm air into the space. Generally include thermostats for ease of use.

Indirect Heaters:

Powered by oil/diesel, these heaters are effective in rapidly heating large spaces. Similar to ducted heaters, they sit outside the marquee with warm air ducted in.

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Indirect marquee diesel heater

Considerations for Heater Choice:

Ducted heaters can be expensive, and hiring is often recommended.

Indirect heaters, while effective, may warrant purchasing if planning to use them frequently.

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